Do Not Overload Power Strips

Warning: Do not overload power strips! 

While they’re great to plug in multiple things, the Mooresville Fire Marshal’s Office stresses the number and types of devices you plug in *matters*.

Plug in: Low-powered and small electronics and devices, such as lamps, TVs, computers, phone charges

Don’t plug in: Any major appliance, including refrigerators, oven ranges, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. 

How can you prevent overloading a power strip?
1.    Check how many watts or Joules the respective power strip can handle (most household power strips can handle 800-1,100 watts)
2.    Determine the number of watts/Joules for each appliance, device before plugging it in
3.    Ensure the number of total watts/Joules being plugged in does not exceed the max number the power strip can handle
4.    Remember: don’t assume you can plug in 6 things into the power strip just because there are 6 spots available
5.    Do not piggyback!
6.    Large stationary devices should be plugged directly into a receptacle
7.    If still unsure, read the manufacturer’s instructions and labels on power strips and appliances

Questions? Call Mooresville Fire Marshal’s Office at 704-664-1338