Change your Smoke Detector Batteries

Smoke detectors play a key role in alerting your family to fires and carbon monoxide in your home. But you need to change the batteries at least once a year and when they make a “chirping” sound for them to work properly.


Today, Mooresville Fire-Rescue replaced batteries and tested smoke detectors in homes in the Johnson Manor neighborhood.  MFR offers this service to residents to help keep them safe.


“This is a service I would never expect,” said resident Elise Shoe. “It’s very much appreciated, and it shows a sense of community.”


“We’ve been going to some houses for 20 years,” said MFR Engineer David Wilson. “When someone calls and says we need our smoke detectors checked, we come out.”


MFR encourages residents to call if they need help with their smoke detectors, including elderly residents.


“It’s wonderful what they’re doing given the fact that seniors, especially those living alone, shouldn’t be putting their heath at risk being on ladders,” said resident Lynn Bartlett.


It’s important to note, smoke detectors powered by house wiring should have a battery backup. During a power outage, smoke alarms with batteries still protect your family.


MFR recommends:

  • Testing each alarm monthly by pushing the test button
  • Replacing batteries at least once a year and when they make a “chirping” sound
  • Replacing smoke detectors every 10 years
  • Ensuring smoke detectors are placed in each bedroom, on each level of the home, and outside sleeping areas.


If you need assistance changing batteries and/or installing smoke detectors, please call Mooresville Fire-Rescue at 704-664-1338.