Mooresville Projects Enhance Community

Travel any direction in Mooresville, and you will see evidence that the town and surrounding area are growing and looking toward the future. Mooresville has evolved from a small mill town to a thriving lakeside community, serving more than 50,000 residents and visitors. The area was recently rated a top lake destination by multiple sources and uniquely boasts opportunities and entertainment for all walks of life. It’s a place where small-town charm and southern hospitality meet big-city entertainment along with a growing variety of retail and dining opportunities and world-class industry.  

To better serve the growing community, the Town of Mooresville had eight major new facilities construction projects in progress during 2022. These projects, a direct investment of over $35 million by the Town Board of Commissioners, will provide residents and visitors with innovative facilities, enhancing the quality of life and making Mooresville even more of a destination. Five of these projects—Mooresville Police Headquarters, Mazeppa Park (turf conversion), Library West Branch, Mooresville Fire-Rescue Fire Training Center, and Station 6—were completed and opened earlier this year. Three projects— Liberty Park Phase 2, Skate Park, and One Mooresville, are still under construction.   

Liberty Park Phase 2
 Liberty II 11-16 
Goats After
The Town’s investment in the Liberty Park revitalization has created a downtown destination space not only for Town residents but also visitors locally, regionally, and nationally.  The 2019-2020 Phase 1 project included a concert band shell and Veteran’s promenade. The $7,930,221 Phase 2 project, which broke ground in February 2022, includes a three-tier playground, interactive fountain, picnic shelter, greenway connection to Center Avenue, new restrooms and concession stand, and a covered basketball court that may also be used for events like the seasonal Farmers’ Markets. Phase 2 of the project is scheduled to be completed in early summer 2023 and is roughly 50% complete. Structures have been erected, painted, and roofed. Concrete footings for the playground and retaining walls have been placed, Goats are being utilized to clear invasive species in a chemical-free, environmentally friendly fashion, and work has begun on the second bridge.

Skate Park
The Town of Mooresville strives to not only invest in its public facilities but also to ensure Town facilities meet the needs and expectations of users. After seeking substantial public input from the skate community, improvements began on the Town’s Skate Park, located at 748 W. Iredell Avenue (adjacent to the future One Mooresville Center, in February 2022. This project contains significant park expansions and upgrades, including bowl and street features, a racing-themed design (chosen by the skate community), designated restroom facilities, and athletic field lighting.  Once completed, the new park will be 40,000 square feet, making it one of the largest skate parks in the region.  Currently, the project is 90% complete, with concrete pours and electrical work finishing up. The $2,841,492 project has a Grand Opening scheduled for December 3rd. 

One Mooresville Center
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The Town's newest active construction site is located at 750 W. Iredell Ave., which was home to the old Mooresville Police Department.  With the new Police Headquarters completed and all staff moved to the new building, the Town approved construction to create the One Mooresville Center.  The building will be home to; Planning and Community Development, Building Inspection, Parks & Recreation, and Technology and Innovation.  One Mooresville Center will provide a full-service experience for planning and development needs while allowing more capacity for the Town’s future needs at Town Hall.  Construction to the building began in early November, with demolition and framing happening simultaneously.  The $1,993,150 project is scheduled to be completed in early summer 2023.