Traffic Signal Now Flashing on W. Wilson Avenue

The Town of Mooresville's new traffic light on West Wilson Avenue and Lowrance is now flashing (as of October 6, 2023). The lights will flash until early next week, when the traffic light will become fully operational.

What does this mean for you?
-If you’re driving along W. Wilson, you should cautiously enter the intersection and continue driving straight or turn. If you’re turning from W. Wilson onto Lowrance, you must yield to other vehicles as well as pedestrians crossing the intersection.
-If you’re driving on Lowrance, you will stop at the clearly marked stop line, just as you did with the stop sign there. The right to proceed on W. Wilson is subject to the same rules as making a stop at a stop sign.
-If you are a pedestrian crossing Lowrance, you are allowed to cross, but you must yield to vehicles already in the intersection and cross with extreme caution as drivers may be distracted by the flashing lights.

Once the light is fully functional, drivers will have to stop when the light is red on either road.