Town Working on Downtown Streetscape Master Plan

The Town of Mooresville’s Planning & Community Development Department is working on a Downtown Streetscape Master Plan to elevate the look and feel of Downtown Mooresville while making sure it’s cohesive and functional for all. The department is planning to soon launch an online survey, asking business owners and residents for feedback on what they want to see in Downtown Mooresville.

This Plan will evaluate guiding documents and current conditions, establish a unified design vision for the public realm, recommend cross-sections, and prioritize corridors for capital improvement projects and cohesive guidance for private development.

The master plan will address the streetscape design in Downtown Mooresville from the Mill Village in the south, through historic downtown, to E Park Avenue to the north. It will also extend from Academy Street in the west to Church Street and Liberty Park to the east.

The Planning & Community Development Department is using four key considerations when designing this master plan, including a multimodal design that accommodates pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. The Plan will identify a design language compatible with existing character and that defines downtown as a regional destination; have modern amenities that meet the needs of businesses, residents, and visitors; and, lastly, be constructible through capital projects and development.

The Department is using prior studies and plans dating back more than 10 years to ensure the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan meets the needs and requirements for businesses, residents, and visitors. The project will take eight months total to complete, with next steps including launching an online survey for public input. The Department aims for the Town Board of Commissioners to adopt the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan in February 2024.

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