Residents are provided one roll-out garbage container per household and paid through your property taxes (no extra bill). If you need additional containers, they are provided at an additional cost, Please contact the billing office here or call 704-663-3800. Weekly collection occurs between 5:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on your designated day. Consider placing items at the curb the night before collection for your convenience. Please retrieve your container no later than 5:30 a.m. the day following your collection. Visit the Town of Mooresville website to verify your sanitation schedule.

Trash is collected weekly on a regular schedule (click here to find the schedule for all of the crews). The town sends two trucks by residences each week. The first one is an automated side-loader that mechanically grabs your roll-out container and dumps it. A second truck comes by for bulky items or excess bagged garbage placed outside of the trash can (place all excess bags at least 3ft away from the can).

Make sure everything is at least 3ft away from the containers. Please make sure that nothing is blocking or obstructing the containers from the truck or the arm of the side-loader.  Do not overload your container and the lid should be able to completely close. Trash above the lip can spill during the process. Do not push down your trash or it could not get fully emptied. All trash should be bagged in appropriate plastic bags that tie, this includes, but is not limited to, items like used kitty litter, loose items, and food.

Needing a New Can
The Town of Mooresville will provide each resident with a trash and recycling roll-can. If your resident does not have one then please let us know here!

Criteria for getting a new can:
Qualifies for a New Can Disqualifies for a New Can
  • Unable to be dumped
  • Unable to roll
  • Cracked body
  • Cracked or missing handle
  • Cracked or missing lid
    • Sometimes the lid can be replaced without replacing the entire can
  • Damaged or missing wheels
  • Used by a prior resident
  • Strong odor
  • Bugs, animals, or plants in the can
  • Dirty
    • Dirt
    • Leftover trash
    • Paint
    • etc.
**Disclaimer** The cans have ID numbers on them and this number is associated with the location rather than the residents. Please leave your can at the location where it was provided!

Backyard Collection
Backyard collection service for garbage and recycling is available for customers who are physically unable to place their carts at the curb and who do not have a physically able person living in the home. A physician's statement verifying the need will be required to receive this service. Please email a note or have your physician email the note to the Sanitation Email ( Note that all trash must still be tied up in appropriate plastic bags.