Moving in or to Mooresville (1)

Things to Know
If you are changing residences in Mooresville or if you are moving to Mooresville, here are some things to note:
  •  Click here to provide us with your information and if you need a trash and recycling roll-out container or not.
    • We use this information to reach out to you about the town's sanitation delays or other important tidbits of information you need to know.  So please make sure this is up-to-date. 
    • If you live within town limits and you do not have a trash or recycling roll-out can at your address then the crew would be happy to provide them for you at no extra charge.  
    • The cans have ID numbers on them and this number is associated with the location rather than the residents. Please leave your can at the location where it was provided!
  • Know that your sanitation services are provided through your property taxes.
    • You can always check to see if you live within town limits and paid a sanitation fee included in your taxes by going to our Personalized Sanitation Map. By living in a house in the blue or green areas, you will receive services through us. 
    • If you live outside of town limits, are not a house, or are a commercial property then there are several private sanitation companies that would be happy to service the address. 
  • Using the Personalized Sanitation Map you can see what day your trash and recycling will get picked up.
    • Trash gets picked up every week.
    • Yard waste gets picked up every week on the day after your trash collection day. 
    • Recycling gets picked up every other week. The weeks alternate between the blue and green weeks, please reference the map for more information.
  • Take a look at the different sanitation services that the Town provides here to learn more about how the Town can help you!

If you have any other lingering questions then feel free tor reach out here or call us at 704-663-7278.