Teen Health & Wellness

Iredell County Health Department
Provide a variety of clinical health care services, screening, informational programs, counseling, and education on disease prevention as well as dental care and nutrition services available to all citizens of Iredell County. Phone: 704-878-3000

International OCD Foundation Educational Resources
This provides a wide range of resources for those with OCD.

Teens & Young Adults Resources from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
NAMI has tons of great resources, including information about managing your mental health, or supporting a loved one in doing so.

Mental Health Guide for Teens in Quarantine
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on teen mental health. This guide dives into teen mental health data, tells you the warning signs to watch for, and offers solutions to help teens stay mentally healthy during quarantine.

This website is a safe space for teens & young adults to talk and connect with others who are facing similar struggles with their mental health.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center
This website includes resources and training information on suicide prevention and provides suicide hotline information.

Teen Mental Health
A website dedicated to providing mental health literacy information, research, education, and resources for teens. 

The Trevor Project
Resources and helplines specifically for LGBTQ+ youth. This organization provides a number of resources including a downloadable tool kit.

The #WeWereHere Project is an opportunity to show the world how you’ve dealt with big issues like health concerns and quarantine, missing friends and milestone celebrations, protest and social justice, and a society examining its attitudes about racism, wealth, and privilege. It's also a way to demonstrate how you've connected to and helped others in your community and beyond to make a positive impact.