Library Online Payment

You can now pay your fines and fees online!

Mooresville Public Library now offers our patrons the ability to pay their library fees online, if their account is not expired and they have their card number and PIN.

Before you pay online, please note:

  • Fines/fees paid online are not refundable. You should examine your fines carefully and be sure you agree with the charges before making a payment online.
  • Payments made online must be greater than $2.00 and are immediately credited to your Library account.

How to make an online payment

If you have fines/fees on your account, you can pay them online by clicking "MPL Online Payment" below or on our Online Catalog.

Library Payment

You will be directed as follows:

  1. User Login: Enter your Library Card Number and PIN and hit “Submit”.
  2. Itemized Fines: Under “Payment” enter the amount you would like to pay towards your fines/fees. If you have more than one charge they will be separated out and you can choose to pay all or part of your fines/fees at this time. Then hit “Submit”.
  3. Payment Options: On this page you will see the total amount you have selected to pay. If the amount is correct then select “Pay from Credit Card”; if the amount is not correct then select “Back” and correct the Itemized Fines/Fees page.
  4. Credit Card Page: Please enter your Credit Card information. If you do not wish to complete the transaction hit "Cancel". Once you hit the “Submit” your transaction will be processed, and your account will be credited.
  5. Receipt: A payment receipt will display which can immediately be printed or emailed.

Check out the Library Online Fine Payment FAQs if you have more questions.