Mooresville All Access Card

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What is the Mooresville All Access Card (MAac)?

A free, digital library card that provides Local School students access to Mooresville Public Library’s online resources and print material.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of having a MAac card?
  • Access to the library’s Digital Resources where students can download eBooks and eAudiobooks, use resources to help with homework assignments, learn languages, and so much more!
  • Check out a maximum of 5 physical books on your MAaC card when you visit the library.
  • Internet access and printing are available in the library.

What do you need to do to get a MAac card?
  • All MGSD students, ISS students and some local schools students are eligible for MAac cards.
  • You must opt-in your child when completing the school registration process online by answering the Public Library Access question. Please advise your school if you have not opted in for your child to get a card and would like to do so.

What is my MAac card barcode number?
  • Use your student ID number for the barcode and the last four digits of the student ID number as your PIN.

Does the MAac card affect my regular MPL library card?
  • All MGSD students with existing MPL cards will keep those cards and use them as they normally would. The two accounts are not connected and in no way affect one another.