Fire Services


Camp Blaze: A FREE, kid-friendly summer camp for ages 5 - 10 designed to provide participants fire prevention/safety education. Register through the Town’s Parks & Recreation Services.

Citizens Fire Academy: The Citizens Fire Academy is designed to give citizens an inside look at the many jobs MFR does on a daily basis, and to promote citizen interaction with the firefighters. The Citizens Fire Academy is a dynamic, 10-week program designed to provide participants an inside view of the operations of MFR. The curriculum includes live demonstrations, classroom learning, and hands-on experiences - all of which are designed to give the participant a true feel for MFR.

The program is free and open to anyone 18 years of age or older who lives or works in the Town of Mooresville or Iredell County. The session begins in March each year and continues weekly for approximately 10 weeks. Classes will be held at Mooresville Fire Stations. Citizens Fire Academy Application is available online, or call 704-664-1338.

Smoke Detector/CO Detector Installation: The most common cause of fire deaths is not the fire but the toxic smoke and gases from materials smoldering (sometimes for hours) before flames erupt. This silent killer often renders its victims unconscious and unable to react long before a fire grows out of control, especially at night. The best way to prevent these needless deaths is for people to equip their homes with a residential sprinkler system or early warning device such as a smoke detector. An early warning device sounds an alarm at the first hint of smoke in a building and provides a life-saving margin of safety which gives families time to exit a structure.

In the interest of enhancing the safety of our community, Mooresville Fire-Rescue provides and installs smoke detectors and CO detectors, free of charge, for residents of the Town of Mooresville. Upon request, a free home fire safety check is also conducted at the time of installation. Trained personnel will identify hazards, which often go unnoticed in the home, and explain a few simple maintenance procedures to make your home safer. Also, fire personnel will explain how the new smoke detector works and what you must do to maintain it.

Weather Radio Program: Mooresville Fire-Rescue (MFR) offers free NOAA Weather Radios to provide early warning notification during emergencies to Town of Mooresville businesses, churches, offices, or other facilities where at least 50 or more people congregate at one time. Weather radios are also available for citizens with a disability which may limit their timely response to an emergency. Weather radios are equipped with a special tone feature to sound an alert and provide immediate information about potentially life-threatening situations. During an emergency, the National Weather Service interrupts routine weather radio programming and sends a special tone that activates weather radios in the warning area.

How do I program my weather radio? (PDF)

If you would like information about any of these services, please call 704-664-1338