Moore Avenue Streetscape Improvements

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Moore Avenue Pedestrian Improvements Project


Project Purpose:  The purpose of the project is to improve safety for pedestrians and enhance the aesthetics of Moore Avenue to create continuity with Main Street and help beautify and improve the mobility of downtown Mooresville.  

Project Limits: Moore Avenue from North Church Street to North Academy Street, approximately 1,100 feet

basic direction plan

Project Description:  Moore Avenue is currently a two-lane, local road.  Narrow sidewalks are present on both sides of Moore Avenue throughout the project extent. This project proposes wider sidewalks, landscaping enhancements, and improved crosswalks, and will also modify the movements for vehicular traffic to reduce conflict points and safety concerns. 

Please note the change in design configuration from the original conceptual plan.  

Moore Avenue will remain a two-way street with on-street parking from Academy Street to Broad Street.  Moore Avenue will be converted to a single lane, one-way street from Main Street to Broad Street with traffic moving northwest.  A pedestrian plaza will be incorporated just south of Main Street for a half-block toward Church Street.  Vehicular traffic will not be permitted through the pedestrian plaza area in order to reduce potential conflicts with vehicle turning movements, pedestrian crossings, and sight distance issues.  This will improve safety for all users and enhance pedestrian access in the area.  Moore Avenue between the proposed pedestrian plaza and Church Street will remain two-way in order to access parking facilities.  

Moore_CrossSections - CopyProposed Typical Sections

    Typical Section 1, just south of North Academy Street, facing northwest.

    Typical Section 2, between N. Main Street and N. Broad Street, facing northwest.

    Typical Section 3, just north of North Church Street, facing northwest.
Moore Avenue Ped Plaza Perspective
    Proposed Pedestrian Plaza, view from Main Street

Design is currently underway and construction on this project is anticipated to begin in 2025.

Project Contact:
Ashton Walker, PE
Town of Mooresville 

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