The Town of Mooresville Cemetery Division would like to thank you for entrusting us with the care of your loved one. You can rest assured that the final resting place you have chosen will be cared for and treated with the utmost respect.

To speak to someone after office hours (5 p.m.), please contact 704-928-6720.


Grave Fee Live Inside Town Limits Live Outside Town Limits
Adult $750 $1,500
Infant $300 $600
Cremation $400 $800
Columbarium Niche $450 $900
Opening Fee Service Fee  
Adult $625  
Infant $350  
Cremation $300  
Columbarium Niche $100  
Niche Engraving $350  
Perpetual Care Fee is $150 and is collected at time of purchase. 

The Town of Mooresville has a scatter garden located at Glenwood Memorial Park. The park offers families a place to scatter cremated remains of their loved ones. For a fee of $200 the following preparations are made:

  • The deceased's name is listed on a scroll
  • Remembrance plaque placed in the garden
  • A layer of mulch to cover the ashes
If you're not sure about an appropriate ash scattering ceremony, consult with a funeral director. Keep in mind whatever funeral services you select, scattering ashes is just the final disposition, and you can still conduct traditional funeral services prior to the cremation.

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