Interim Town Manager - Jim Landon
The Town Manager serves as the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer. He is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board of Commissioners, directing business and administrative procedures, and appointing departmental officers.

Assistant Town Manager - Sherisha Hills
The Assistant Town Manager's duties in this position include leading the departments of Planning and Community Development, Parks & Recreation Services, the Mooresville Public Library, Innovation & Technology, The Charles Mack Citizen Center, and managing special projects for the Town Manager and Board of Commissioners. 

Assistant Town Manager - Ryan Rase
The Assistant Town Manager's duties in this position include leading the Public Works and Public Utilities departments, Facilities and Construction Management, as well as overseeing special transportation and infrastructure projects as directed by the Town Manager or Board of Commissioners. The Assistant Town Manager also plays a key role with organizations such as the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

Town Attorney -  Sharon Crawford
It is the duty of the Town Attorney to prosecute and defend suits against the Town; advise the Mayor, Board of Commissioners, and other Town officials with respect to the affairs of the Town; draft all legal documents and proposed ordinances relating to the affairs of the Town; inspect and pass upon all agreements, contracts, franchises and other instruments with which the Town may be concerned; attend all meetings of the Board of Commissioners when required by the Board, and perform such other duties as may be required of her by virtue of her position as Town Attorney.

Director of Communications & Marketing – Megan Suber
The Director of Communications & Marketing is responsible for the internal and external communication programs of the Town, encourages civic & community engagement, and serves as an information conduit on programs, services, issues, and policies.

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