Bike Safety

Vision Zero doesn't just focus on vehicle crashes, but also bicycle crashes. Watch for Me NC says every year, more than 3,000 pedestrians and 850 bicyclists are hit by vehicles in North Carolina, making it one of the least safe states in the U.S. for walking and bicycling.

During National Bike Month in May, the Mooresville Vision Zero team encourages all drivers to keep a watchful eye out for bicyclists, especially as the weather gets warmer! The Mooresville Vision Zero team also encourages safe riding, such as wearing helmets, using hand signals, following the rules of the road, and knowing the basics of biking.

share the road with bicyclists

Rules of the Road:
-Bicyclists must ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as other traffic.
-Riders under 16 years old must wear an approved bicycle helmet when riding on any public road, bicycle path, or other right-of-way.
-Bicycles are vehicles and are allowed to travel on all roads except highways.
-Drivers must leave at least two feet of space when passing a bicycle.
You can learn more about N.C. Bicycle Laws here

Need a helmet?
Mooresville Police Department is handing out helmets at the Happy Healthy Community Day event at Mooresville Middle School on April 22, 2023. They will hand out helmets from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Bike to School
May 3, 2023 is Bike to School Day. This annual event began in 2012 and today, thousands of schools across America participate in Bike to School Day. This movement encourages children to safely walk, bike, or roll to school. Several schools in Mooresville plan to participate in this event. 

Safe Routes to School
Mooresville, NC participates in the national and international movement called Safe Routes to School. It enables and encourages children to walk and bike to school. It's important to remember to watch for children biking on sidewalks and streets. Slow down and give cyclists as much room as safely possible when passing. Mooresville, NC is also part of the Safe Streets Initiative

Safe Kids Iredell County
The Iredell County Health Department leads the Safe Kids initiative in the county, providing dedicated and caring staff, operation support, and other resources to help keep kids safe. They provide car-seat checkups, safety workshops, and sports clinics that help parents and caregivers prevent childhood injuries.
There are numerous steps bicyclists and drivers can each take to keep each other safe. Integrated Mobility Division and BikeWalkNC  put together a series of safety videos - from how to avoid hazards when biking to changing lanes safely. 

Bicycle Lessons:
Need to teach your child how to ride a bicycle? Check out these lessons from the N.C. DOT.

Mooresville Area Cyclists is working with the Town of Mooresville's Vision Zero team, in part, to focus on bicycle safety. Interested in riding with them? Click here.

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