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Parade Permit Application


  1. 1. Legal
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  • Legal

    1. This application must be filed not less than seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the event, unless for a high school parade or similar function, a special permit shall be issued within twenty-four (24) hours of notice. This application shall become a valid permit upon signature of the Chief of Police or ranking officer of the Town of Mooresville Police Department.
    2. Once approved the permit is hereby granted under the provisions of Chapter 16 Article II Section 16-36 and 16-67 of the Town of Mooresville Code, Mooresville, North Carolina and other applicable law to conduct or engage in a Parade/Group Demonstration or Picket Line.
    3. The conduct of the activity shall at all times be under the supervision and control of the Mooresville Police Department. The Chief of Police, or in his absence the highest ranking officer, shall revoke any permit granted for any event for violation by any participant of Section 16-6 of failure to comply with the terms and conditions of Chapter 16.
    4. When picketing, the number of persons shall be limited to 10 persons per block of street or sidewalk as provided by the Mooresville Town Code. Pickets shall be in continuous motion, shall march in single file, may not march closer together than fifteen (15) feet except when passing one another, and shall not walk more than five (5) feet from the curb line.
    5. This permit is issued subject to the above activity being performed in a lawful manner in compliance with all the provisions of the Code of the Town of Mooresville and the laws of the State of North Carolina and is limited to the special provisions of this permit. Submitting this document does not guarantee approval. Each field must be filled out FULLY for this application to be considered. Failure to fill-out each field completely will be ground for denial of this application. Once submitted this application will be reviewed, and applicant will be notified directly.