What items cannot be collected at the curb?

Computers, Televisions, and Tires are all banned from North Carolina Landfills. These items can be taken to the Iredell County Transfer Station off of Highway 150 (158 MacLeod Drive) for disposal. Flat screens are free, but old tube style (CRT) televisions incur a $10 disposal fee. Tires are free up to 5 per individual with rims removed. 

Oil Based Paint, Explosive or Flammable liquids or materials, pesticides or normal household cleaners including aerosols cannot be disposed of curbside. These items should be saved and disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at the Twin Oaks Landfill in Statesville on the last Saturday of each month. These materials are taken free of charge at this facility. 


.Construction Debris is not classified as household waste and cannot be collected curbside. This includes Carpet, Lumber, Sheetrock, Shingles, Brick, Concrete, and Flooring. Customers may bring this material to the Iredell County Transfer Station. A fee may apply depending on volume.

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