Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Read the current plan in its entirety.

In addition to reviewing and approving development projects that are being constructed today, the Planning and Community Development Department is also responsible for helping to maintain a long-range outlook for the future of the Town. Most often this responsibility is handled through a "Comprehensive Plan". However, it can also take the form of Vision Statements (broader goals and objectives) and smaller Area Plans (more geographically focused).

Long-range planning also collaborates with other service providers to ensure that planning efforts across the Town are coordinated to the greatest extent possible. Examples of such collaborations may include items such as master plans for the Parks and Recreation Department or transportation plans jointly managed with the Engineering Department.

The current Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Mooresville is intended to provide a long-range vision for land development and redevelopment opportunities, community infrastructure decisions, and community image. The plan current plan was adopted in 2009. This plan is a comprehensive update and it still maintains the use of the nodal theory of urban development as the primary land use model for guiding future growth. The current plan provides a good tool for planning and decision-making, however changes in the rate and patterns of growth have necessitated an update take place.

The current comprehensive plan presents recommendations and strategies for the future development of Mooresville. Specific recommendations for land use are highlighted within the plan. The Town is currently in the process of updating the comprehensive plan to take us into the next 20 years.