Town of Mooresville Strategic Plan

Mooresville’s strategic plan demonstrates the town’s commitment to deliver services that make it the best community in which to live, learn, work and play. This plan serves as a roadmap that guides decision-making during times of prosperity or challenge. These priorities are set through five goals, focusing first on the results and then determining the effort needed to deliver those results.

The complete Strategic Plan is available online (PDF).

The Strategic Plan Dashboard update from November 9, 2017 is available (PDF).

Customer Service, Transparency and Citizen Engagement
The Town of Mooresville will be a customer-focused organization that encourages residents to be informed and engaged in the matters of government community.
1.1 Seek opportunities to enhance public trust by sharing information in an accessible, convenient manner.
1.2 Expand effective and equitable customer service that engages all stakeholders through transparency, cooperation and feedback.
1.3 Improve public outreach and citizen involvement through open communication and the development of community relationships and partnerships.
Economic Development
Mooresville will have a strong economy and diverse workforce that attracts quality employers and provides opportunities for prosperity for all citizens.
2.1. Market and promote Mooresville as a preferred location for business growth and recruitment.
2.2 Improve effectiveness through collaboration with economic development partners within the region (Iredell County Economic Development Corporation, MI-Connection, Iredell County and CVB).
2.3 Design incentive programs, policies and procedures around recruitment and retention of high growth industries.
2.4 Maintain and develop amenities and infrastructure to attract economic development.
Organizational Excellence and Financial Stability
The Town of Mooresville will maintain organizational excellence through training and retention of quality employees, sound financial management, and superior service to the community.
3.1 Optimize the use of technology to drive efficiency and productivity to improve services.
3.2 Develop and implement safety initiatives, and continue to focus on employee health and wellness.
3.3 Provide safe, reliable, and well-maintained vehicles, equipment and facilities to integrate sustainability into daily operations.
3.4 Plan future capital and infrastructure needs in accordance with demographic trends, operational changes and financial capacities.
3.5 Recruit and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce.
3.6 Secure long-term financial sustainability through policies, procedures and sound financial management.
Planning, Infrastructure and Housing
The Town of Mooresville will promote infrastructure that supports efficient operations, accessible transportation and diversified housing options.
4.1 Follow the Comprehensive Housing Strategy to expand Mooresville’s access to a broad range of quality housing that is safe, accessible and affordable.
4.2 Direct and guide growth in the community through appropriate planning, land use and development review process.
4.3 Research, develop and propose incentives for in-fill redevelopment in the Downtown, Mill Village and business park.
4.4 Improve transportation options and reduce congestion by working with transportation partners, and making the
necessary road improvements.
4.5 Minimize Mooresville’s environment footprint to improve the quality and sustainability of the community.
Public Safety
Mooresville will be a safe community with the highest level of protection offered and trust value. When emergencies arise, the Town will respond in a quick and effective manner.
5.1. Prepare for, mitigate and effectively respond to emergencies and special events.
5.2. Create a safe and accessible community environment that emanates comfort and security to those live, work and play in Mooresville.
5.3. Provide community outreach programs which will provide citizens the opportunity to interact with public safety employees and increase public safety awareness.
5.4. Provide quick and exceptional fire, medical and emergency response.
Recreation and Cultural Services
Mooresville will be a regional center of culture, leisure and recreation activities, preserve its history & heritage, and provide open space, parks and first class facilities at affordable rates for all users.
6.1. Protect, enhance and develop unique places that reflect the Town’s characters, history and values.
6.2. Enhance and expand facilities, parks, ballfields and open spaces to support current and future residents.
6.3. Offer a diverse range of youth, adult and senior recreational and cultural programming to enhance the quality of life for all citizens at an affordable price.
6.4. Position Mooresville as a regionally recognized recreation, cultural, entertainment and tourism destination.
6.5. Implement the recommendations within the 2016 Cultural, Parks, and Recreation Master Plan.