Recreation Projects

Selma Burke Recreation Center Revitalization Project

The Town's objective is to expand upon Culture, Parks, Recreation and Education opportunities by way of strategic growth in areas that have been expressed as a need by our Citizenry. These needs include quality afterschool care, affordable summer camps, activities and options for youth and adults alike. Data from our recent Culture, Parks and Recreation Master Plan vet the strong support in establishing more neighborhood parks and multi-generational facilities (something for everyone). The outcome of revitalizing the Selma Burke Center will yield significant opportunities in providing quality programming, enrichment and recreation for all ages championing the model of impacting communities through Conservation, Health & Wellness and Social Equity.

Project Documentation (PDF)

Project Sitemap (PDF)

Mazeppa Park Mountain Bike/Walking Trail

The objective is to expand upon the access and availability of walking trails, greenways, nature trails and bike trails. An increased inventory of these amenities will allow more access to natural amenities and the natural environment. The addition of these facilities will comply with recommendations from the departments Culture, Parks and Recreation Master Plan recognizing trails as a significant need based on public opinion exercised through the Culture, Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The department hopes to use this trail system as a Segway of introducing additional connectivity and trails within our Town

Project Documentation (PDF)

Proposed Trail Layout (PDF)