Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Responsibilities

Public Works Streets (Street Maintenance and Traffic) provides maintenance for town-owned streets and services for signs and traffic lights. The two groups strive to ensure safety of streets through cost-effective maintenance, patching and resurfacing of asphalt pavements, concrete repairs, street sweeping, snow and ice control, sidewalk repairs, and other street maintenance functions. Traffic control signs are installed at the direction of the Public Works Director, Town Board and the Engineering Division.

Report an Issue to Street Services

Snow & Ice Control

Snow removal is provided on town-maintained streets. Main roads are cleared first, with side streets and subdivisions being cleared after main roads are open. For ice control, the town uses a brine solution on roads before a storm if the weather conditions are right.

Street Maintenance

To report problems (potholes, shrubs blocking line of sight at intersections, damaged street curbing/sidewalk, etc.) on a street within town limits, contact the Public Works Division by using the Street Maintenance Request form or phone at 704-664-4278. Callers are encouraged to leave their full name and phone number so town employees can return calls and follow-up on how the town is solving the problem.

Street Sweeping

The town sweeps streets within neighborhoods and on main roads.

Traffic Control Signs

To request a traffic control sign, contact the Public Works Division by phone at 704-664-4278. A traffic study will be conducted in cooperation with the police department and a recommendation will be made by staff to the town board for consideration.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are maintained by Public Works. However, the timing of traffic signals on state-maintained roads is controlled by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Any traffic signal outages should be reported immediately to Public Works at 704-664-4278 or the Mooresville Police Department at 704-664-3311.