Become A Volunteer

Welcome to the Town of Mooresville's Volunteer Program. The Town encourages citizens to get involved and participate in the development and enhancement of the Town and the community in which they live and work. Through this program, volunteers can learn more about local government by volunteering within various Town departments.

Youth Volunteers

Young people are welcome to participate in the Mooresville Volunteer Program. A minimum age of 14 years is set unless the youth volunteer is working in a volunteer program position with a parent, teacher, or other caregiver.

Groups & Organizations

There are a number of volunteer activities for groups and organizations. Whether you want to adopt a park, a street, or just a flower bed, it‘s a great way to have fun as a group. Check out the list of available volunteer opportunities and pick one that is right for your group.

Become an active part in your community and your government. Become a Volunteer!

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Learn more about your local government.
  • Increase your social contact.
  • Make your community a better place to live, work and play.
  • Share your talents and abilities.
  • Stay active after retirement.

The Town of Mooresville operates a civic engagement program that provides volunteer service to various Town departments. This volunteer application is designed to give applicants an opportunity to share their background, experience, interest and skills which will enable the Town to make the best possible volunteer placement.