Environmental Protection Commission


The commission meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the executive conference room at Town Hall. Craig Culberson is the staff liaison for the EPC.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • John Costello, Chair
  • Peter Heim, Vice-Chair
  • Don Howard
  • Jeremy Rose
  • Melissa Short
  • Jakob Skowronski
  • Warren Story
  • Billy Wilson Jr.
  • Eddie Dingler, Ex-Officio
  • Craig Culberson, Staff Liaison

About the Environmental Protection Commission

The Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) consists of seven members appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners. Duties of the EPC include:

  • Make recommendations to the town staff, Town Board of Commissioners, and various town committees concerning trees, vegetation, and other environmentally sensitive areas, upon request;
  • Work with town staff to develop educational programs / materials about tree preservation and protection;
  • Serve as an information resource to the community;
  • Work with organizations that share similar interest in the preservation of trees, shrubs, and environmentally sensitive areas;
  • Engage in workshops and promotions for planning new vegetation;
  • Develop and maintain a tree survey for the greater Mooresville area; and
  • Review and evaluate proposed text amendments to the Mooresville Zoning Ordinance regarding tree protection, landscaping, and water shed