Capital Improvement Program Committee

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The Board of Commissioners and the Town Manager appoint a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Advisory Committee consisting of nine representatives from across the community, including one commissioner.

About the Capital Improvement Program Committee

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is vital to long-range financial planning for the Town of Mooresville. This program is developed for a five-year period and is updated and revised annually. To be included in the CIP, a project must require a total expenditure of at least $50,000 and have a useful life of at least five years, or be a vehicle costing more than $35,000.

Duties & Responsibilities

The representatives of the committee are charged with:

  • Aligning projects with identified master and strategic plans;
  • Identifying issues that may be roadblocks to successful project management;
  • Focusing on continuous improvement in the Capital Improvement Program;
  • Helping town staff prioritize the right combination of new capital improvement projects;
  • Advising the Town Board of Commissioners about the most critical CIP projects to meet the town’s ongoing needs; and
  • Evaluating and recommending projects for funding in the Capital Improvement Program