Human Resources

Welcome to the Town of Mooresville’s Human Resources Department. The department staff oversees and coordinates several programs and services for the town’s employees. Listed below is an overview of some of the services our department provides.

Compensation & Benefits

The department manages the town’s compensation system and benefit offerings. The town offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, vision, and dental coverage, life insurance, 401(k), State Retirement System, flexible spending accounts, and several other benefits.


The department organizes and coordinates the recruitment, screening, and selection process for all positions in the town. The goal for this service is to assure equal opportunity employment for all citizens and applicants. In addition, the department maintains all employee information, records and files, much of which is managed by computerized information systems.

Employee Relations

The department advises both managers and employees concerning constructive approaches to deal effectively with different types of employee and workplace issues. In addition, the department assesses designs, develops and implements programs and policies to enhance employee morale and well-being. Such programs include the employee assistance program, employee recognition, and wellness. The goal for this service is to ensure a more stable, productive work force with "life-friendly" policies and programs.

Organizational Development & Learning

This service provides analyses and evaluation of organizational systems and procedures to ensure effective and efficient day-to-day operation. The service also provides for strategically investing in the town’s internal talent pool to ensure employees perform at maximum capacity and are competitive for future advancement opportunities.

Performance Management

The department manages the process of planning, developing, coaching, providing feedback, evaluating, and rewarding employee performance.